Mountain Stalker Produtcts manufactures a quality option to the standard rifle sling, while allowing use of the sling as a standard rifle sling. 

Mountain Stalker makes two styles of slings:

  • The Original Mountain Stalker Sling

The Mountain Stalker was inspired by cross-country trekking in the Colorado Rockies while elk hunting. The mountain stalker sling makes it easy to hike and track while having your rifle in the ready position or on your back for climbing situations. German military slings inspired the basic mechanics of the sling, while Mountain Stalker applied it to practical use.

  1. Conventional Sling use. Acts like the standard old fashion slings when needed with the click of a clasp.
  2. Ready Position. Now unclasp the sling to unleash its potential, keeping you ready for anything.
  3. Back-Pack Position. This allows use of hands for other tasks, like climbing, etc. Will fit over smaller back-packs with adjustment.
  4. Shooting Position. Use your rifle sling like your drill instructor told you to when steadying a free-hand shot.
  5. Carry Position. If you ever get tired of wearing your rifle with the new sling, you have another option, while protecting your scope.
1. Conventional Sling
2. Front Carry Position
3. Back Pack Position
4. Always Ready to Use

Some discover that they can even get even more different uses with different types of weapons.

The mountain stalker slings allow the user more freedom of movement while wearing a rifle. This enables you to have your weapon at reach at all times for use of the weapon at a moments notice. It allows use of both hands while wearing a rifle so that you might have a drink of water, eat, make equipment adjustments, reload, or whatever you may need to do while wearing a rifle. The slings also help reduce fatigue associated with carring a 6-12 pound rifle over one shoulder keeping you off balance. The sling allows full use of your hands to maintain balance, while centering the weight of the rifle on your body to also improve balance. You won't have to continually readjust the sling as you walk, as it stays put. In addition, the sling can also serve as a traditional standard rifle sling for ease of storage, by a simple clasp of a buckle. Also, Women, and youngsters find this product makes hunting much more enjoyable.

Mountain Stalker slings are most popular with hunters that are mobile. Dove and Quail hunters find this sling extends their hunting day because of the reduction of fatigue. Duck hunters like it because it allows freedom of movement to operate a boat or tend to dogs. Elk, Sheep, and other mountain bound hunters can hardly do without it, because of the ease of movement it provides while hiking and climbing when the sling is worn in the hiking position, on your back. Even deer hunters utilize them for their walks to and from deer blinds, ready to jump a buck, hog, or defend agains predetors. Mountain Stalker Slings are made in the USA!

  • Tactical Response

The Tactical Response sling is very similar to the Mountain Stalker. It differs in the mounting system for tactical shotguns and military style weapons. it offers the same benefits as the Mountain Stalker, making this sling very beneficial to law enforcement and military agencies for use with entry weapons, especially for a multi-role tactical operative required to operate two weapons or funcions, even simulaneously. As seen in the last three positions, the operative would be free to perform such activities as repelling, entries with a handgun and/or flashlight. The first two positions offer the quickest response time to engage or disengage the weapon. These slings can also be positioned just as the Mountain Stalker, illustrated above.

1. back and out of the way
2. quickly bring it back into action
3. hands free, resting in a muzzle down position
4. but always at the ready

Similar to the second figures sling position, a pistol gripped weapon can actually be slung on the side of the hip putting the pistol grip in the same area that a "quick-draw" holster would position a handgun. This proves to work quite well with weapons as long as an AR-15 with a full 20" barrel, without grounding the muzzle, even for persons less than 6' tall. Of course this is dependant on each individual's hieght.

Minimum Fitting Required

The sling is easily fitted to any style of long gun: shotguns, rifles, carbines, muskets, and even air guns and crossbows. Standard mounting hardware for your gun can be provided, or a universal kit is available with the sling. The universal kit allows the user to move the sling from gun to gun without the hardware requirements. Standard mount simply utilizes existing sling swivel mounts that pre-exist on most rifles already. The shotgun below shows the sling mounted on a 1 1/4" sling swivel in front, and the "boot" over the buttstock. This is the most common application for rifles as well. The second illustration shows the universal mount. The "boot" on the buttstock, and a nylon web loop around the hand gaurd of the AR-15. In most cases the AR-15 1 1/4" front sling loop would be utilized to ensure the safety of the weapon. Metal barrel bands are also available at an additional cost for single barrel , O/U, and SBS guns.


Once you use a Mountain Stalker sling, you will wonder how you ever survived without one.